1. ExtremeLeaks

     ♛ Party Games X ♛ [23 Minigames! Parties, Spleef, Quake, TNTRun, + Tons more!] 4.7

    ORIGINAL RESOURCE LINK https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/83240/ Party Games X: This plugin is a bundle of fun minigames that your players can enjoy in one place! Players compete in a series of different minigames such as spleef, one in the chamber, parkour, sumo, floor shuffle, and many...
  2. ExtremeLeaks

     ✨ GambleBarPro | The Perfect Gambling Solution✨v1.8.9 1.8.9

    Native Minecraft Version: 1.17 Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.8 / 1.11 / 1.12 / 1.13 / 1.14 / 1.15 / 1.16 / 1.17 / 1.18 Languages Supported: Language is configurable in messages.yml | Default is English GambleBarPro is a plugin that allows for players to participate in games of chance for an...
  3. ExtremeLeaks

     HsGuard [Powerful Java Obfuscator] v1.5 1.5

    The latest version of HsGuard nulled, cleaned and leaked by ExtremeLeaks! HsGuard is a very new and modern java obfuscator which has many transformers to break reverse engineering tools. There are no deobfuscators for this new obfuscator. Compatible with spigot plugins and minecraft clients.
  4. D


    Hello Please leak this: https://chunkfactory.com/product/ger-snet-core-full-network-in-one-jar.3102/ Thank you.
  5. G

    SERVER ✤[CUSTOM] ✨ ANSESTRAL SURVIVAL SETUP | [1.18.X] 2021-01-20 1

    This resource belongs to the more high-quality gamma of AnsestralSetups (As content creator). AnsestralSurvivaI will give your players an amazing experience for hours. Server version: 1.18 Here I leave more of my products: Survival setup, this setup of Survival is completely new in...
  6. D

    SELLING SkyPinas Network | 60 Players Daily Average

    Good day everyone! We, from SkyPinas will be bringing our network to the market! Starting Bid: $1,250 Current Bid: $1,300 Gamemodes: Survival [1.17.1] Factions [1.18.1] Islands [1.17.1] OneBlock SkyBlock CaveBlock Acid Vanilla [1.18.1] Custom Made Features: Discord Two-Factor...
  7. D

    ⭐ VEGAS ⭐ PLUGIN DE CASINO ► 13 MODOS DE JUEGO [1.12 - 1.18.1] 1.12-1.18.1 1.18.1

    If you want to trade more plugins, talk to me at priv, I also change mythical mafias discord: Peridot24#4960
  8. funwithmetamil

    SRC Paper.yml(1.18) 1.18.1

    Intro There will never be a guide that will give you perfect results. Each server has their own needs and limits on how much you can or are willing to sacrifice. Tinkering around with the options to fine tune them to your servers needs is what it's all about. This guide only aims to help you...
  9. M

    RainbowsPro | The Ultimate Rainbow Plugin - Make Your Server Stand Out v1.2.0

    A bunch of (configurable) ingame random spawn messages: Ingame Help Menu: New command since v1.2.0: /rp spawnrandom - Spawn a random rainbow at a random location (with a leprechaun) without having to wait for the random rainbow interval. (permission: rainbowspro.spawnrandom)...
  10. EnderTnT

     SpigotGuard - Spigot AntiCrash 6.4.2 Genjutsu

    Supported versions: 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.12.x, 1.13.x, 1.14.x, 1.15.x, 1.16.x, 1.17.x Supported software: Spigot, PaperSpigot and other forks. No dependency! Just move it to plugins folder and let it fix all crashers & exploits! What is SpigotGuard? In brief - it's very lightweight...
  11. O

    OPEN Anti cheat

    i need a good anti cheat pl to 1.18 ?
  12. M

    FREE Log4JExploitFix 1.3.3

    There was recently found a major exploit in Log4J with what RCE and other stuff just like crashing is probably possible. It also affects the clients. The plugin blocks this server-, and clientside and logs the attempt to the console. Protecting the players and the server by blocking outgoing...
  13. B

    (REQUEST) ☄️Elyzium ☄️| The ultimate administration plugin | NOW HAS A WEB INTERFACE 1.6.3

    Name of the plugin you want: ☄️Elyzium ☄️| The ultimate administration plugin | NOW HAS A WEB INTERFACE Spigot Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/%E2%98%84%EF%B8%8Felyzium-%E2%98%84%EF%B8%8F-the-ultimate-administration-plugin-now-has-a-web-interface.97484/ Price: 18,99 USD How it would...
  14. M

    Model Engine Latest Version 2.3.2

    no plugin dev is no
  15. D

     AVARIONCODE ALL FILES LEAKED - nulled Plugins/Clients and Source Code! [FREE] LEAK

    AVARIONCODE ALL FILES LEAKED BY EVANGELION TEAM Leak has: - Hevaen 1.3 / 2.0 - Heaven SRC - Ayakumi 2.5 - Ayakumi SRC - LVNN 2.0 (All files and jar) - HypeSpigot 2.2 // Noxerek skid #
  16. FixMem


    HANFCLIENT null VERSION (Original version by IlligalSpigot) nulled by -> JavaThread Leaked by -> BlackCrack SQUAD My Discord: FixMem#8977 BlackCrack Discord: https://discord.gg/cbhJrqZJcg BlackCrack Telegram: https://t.me/+J4WZ1isJ2381Zjdk Web: https://black-null.com/
  17. Faithfulcyan

     Delete This 10.2

  18. Bluebelly

     Lands - Land claim plugin Grief Prevention Protection GUI Management Nations Wars - 1.18 Support 5.24.7

  19. Bluebelly

     ✨ItemsAdder⭐Custom Items, Armors, HUD, GUI, Mobs, Emoji, Blocks, Wings, Hats, Liquids [NO ADS] 2.5.3

    ✅Compatible with Spigot 1.15.2 to 1.18.1 and Java 8 to 17✅ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐one of the best rated premium plugins 3600+ downloads and 1186+ severs Differences between ItemsAdder and NewItems. What NewItems hasn't but ItemsAdder has? ⛔ 420+ items (NewItems has only 70 items and also have a limitation on...
  20. Bluebelly

     1.8 - 1.18⭐Specialized Crates ⭐ Lots of Crate Opening Animation Options ✅Easy to use In-Game Editor✅ 2.25.5

    Incredibly Lightweight (Took 0.4% CPU tick on a 1.8.8 server with 200 animated crates and only 0.04% CPU tick on a 1.15.2 server with 70 crates - the demo server! Information gathered with the spark plugin profiler) New features not mentioned above: - Drag and Drop rewards - Economy support...
  21. Bluebelly

     ⭐ Survey Plus | ⚡️ Get useful feedback from players! 2.7.5

    Do you no longer want to redirect people to the internet to answer your surveys? Do you want to get players' feedback in-game? Survey plus is the in-game Minecraft survey solution! Improve your server today by collecting useful feedback from your players! 3 Different survey types (Inventory...
  22. Bluebelly

     CrashClaim - Claiming Plugin 1.0.26

    Discord WIKI
  23. Y

    (REQUEST) Potterworld map

    Hi! Idk if that’s the right place to post,feel free to move this. I’m looking for the potterworldmc new map,the openworld one. I got the undetectable wld and all but my pc is definitely not good enough to handle it,the server crashes all the time and i only have a small part for now Does someone...
  24. FixMem


    I SELL THIS SHIT FROM YOONIKS FOR 10$ My Discord: FixMem#8977 BlackCrack Discord: https://discord.gg/cbhJrqZJcg BlackCrack Telegram: https://t.me/+J4WZ1isJ2381Zjdk Web: https://black-null.com/ LEAKED BY BLACKCRACK SQUAD
  25. FixMem


    GASCLIENT 2.0 SRC [not-full] My Discord: FixMem#8977 BlackCrack Discord: https://discord.gg/cbhJrqZJcg BlackCrack Telegram: https://t.me/+J4WZ1isJ2381Zjdk Web: https://black-null.com/ LEAKED BY BLACKCRACK SQUAD
  26. B

     Muder Mystery 1.7.9

    - -
  27. H

     LiteBoard - Animated Scoreboard, Title, Good Preformance, and More! 4.3.0

    LiteBoard is first on blackspigot, because of copyright I cant paste it on spigot. So here you have! Depend is just ProtocolLib!
  28. B

     Security Protector 7.8

    Complete Antigrief plugin supporting UUIDS, Mysql, YML and supporting OFFLINE servers too: Using Cauldron? The best AntiGrief plugin to you protect your machines and MOD itens/chest is RedProtect! Brasileiro ou português? Descrição em Português RedProtect World is an area protection plugin...
  29. P

     Skyblock 1.17

    Join this discord server for skyblock server https://discord.gg/sywkM2by3c
  30. K

     Gadgets - ElTurrito - WaterFallDeveloping (SourceCode) (Eclipse Ready) 1.0.2

    A shitty code, a gadget plugin ElTurrito WaterFallDeveloping Trash SourceCode Spigot: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/gadgets.94913/ Discord: https://discord.gg/e4kRvBgf5y Version: 1.0.2
  31. K


    This is a shitty plugin, with a shitty code, wfPACKETS. Partner Packaxe with null config TURRITO WAS A SHIT, WITH A SHITTY CODING, WITH A SHITTING PLUGIN DEVELOPMENT SUCK MY DICK TURRITO
  32. K


    This is a shitty plugin, with a shitty code, wfPACKETS. Partner Packaxe with null config Facundo WAS A SHIT, WITH A SHITTY CODING, WITH A SHITTING PLUGIN DEVELOPMENT SUCK MY DICK FACUNDO REALNAME: ElTurrito ? Facundo Download: https://anonfiles.com/7aG3idWeuf/wfPackages1.0_rar
  33. E

     1.8 - 1.17 ✅ AdvancedCrates ✅ 3D In Person Crate Animations ⭐ Lootboxes ⭐ Per-Player Animations ⭕ 2.5.1

    Need help? Have questions? Join our discord server. A change in the crate plugins that was needed AdvancedCrates is a crates plugin, reloading the crates with crazy, groundbreaking never seen before animations, plus - offering a unique solution to keep your players enjoying opening crates...
  34. L


  35. K

     not here 0.01

    no longer online
  36. XeXRainnn

    McGamerZone 1.0

    Making this project public as the owner fucked me over as I spent 100+ hours on it and never got a single dollar from it. I've asked countless times to be paid and I've been banned from the Discord and blocked and I'm fed up with it. Enjoy.
  37. S

    [60% OFF] Minecraft Webshop 1.0.0

    does anyone have and could you send it? or unload people? : D mcmarket link: https://www.mc-market.org/resources/20460/ PRICE: 19.99EUR
  38. A

     BUtils ULTlMATE (BastiGHG Challenge Plugin) nulled/UNLOCKED | BUtilsCracker 1.0.1 (BUtils 4.0.2)

    The BUtilsCracker unlocks the closed beta (ultimate) tier. Just place the BUtilsCracker into the plugins folder alongside the actual BUtils plugin. You can either download BUtils here or from their official discord. Note: Reloads of any kind are not supported. A reload will break the null...
  39. K

     not here 2022-02-20

    not there
  40. T

    SERVER Matherion.eu - Server Leak, Source Codes (Git), Database

    UPDATE: We have just made a new, updated leak of Matherion.eu's server data and database. It will up ASAP once it gets uploaded. This leak is a result of non-closed free access to the root user of Matherion.eu combined with insecure settings of the MySQL server. This leak happened about 2 weeks...
  41. H


  42. H


  43. H

    FREE NULLPING TOOL (WORK) 2021-08-05

  44. D

     Gangsquadz Leaks, Gangmaster szar hack kliensei 2021-07-31

    PASSWORD THIS FILE: cl3stermanarmythebest Gangmaster szarja + gangmaster griefelesre hasznalo kutyuk a hokishitkaka.rip weboldal megnyitotta a kapuit! Így néz ki:https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/863851840998342656/870763521426718771/unknown.png?width=814&height=395
  45. A


    https://cash4link.tk/MhcRM Video here: https://cash4link.tk/.well-known/pki-validation/kbffa-video.mp4 Image:
  46. WhatZ_

     PvPManager 3.14.4

    Description PvPManager is made to be the all in one PvP plugin. Meaning that instead of using multiple plugins that customize the PvP experience in your server you would just use one. One of its main features is to stop combat log and it was designed to be as efficient as possible which is...
  47. K

    (REQUEST) Minecraft Player Inactivity plugin for discord webhook

    Hi, I am looking for a plugin that sends a webhook, every 4 days if the player wasn't active. A friend told that it was here, I was trying to find it but I can't. Maybe you can. Please.
  48. gremory1


    Good OneBlock SkyBlock Setup<3
  49. P

    FREE McMMO Plugins LEAKED Build #728 (Jun 15, 2021 6:19:42 PM)

    A leaked plugin for minecraft
  50. A

    Stratum 1.16.5 (x2048)

    Name: Stratum Tier 3 Link: https://continuum.graphics/store/ Price: $25 Contribute: This resource pack is currently one of the best photorealistic resourcepacks existing and currently there is no new version leaked.