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Tested Minecraft Versions:
1.8 / 1.9 / 1.10 / 1.11 / 1.12 / 1.13 / 1.14 / 1.15 / 1.16 / 1.17 / 1.18


Did you ever wanted to force players to use a certain server resourcepack on one of your servers? Maybe for a minigame as part of your network? Or maybe you don't want to force the pack on the users but just want to inform the ones who do not accepted it about what they are missing out? Then this is the plugin you always searched for!

Force Resourcepacks is the enhanced version of my Bungee Resourcepacks and World Resourcepacks plugins. In addition to beeing able to set different resourcepacks per world, server or on your whole BungeeCord network you can also react on whether the user accepted downloading the pack and send them a message or even kick them if they did not do that!

It even notices when a Bukkit server behind the Bungee sends a resourcepack and applies the server's pack status rules on it! That way it is compatible with minigames plugins that manage their own server resourcepacks while still providing the ability to kick a user from the game's server when they did not download the pack!

Test server:
Issue tracker and repo:
Commands, Permission and more:
Documention Tab
IRC channel: #forceresourcepacks on
Discord channel:
Joining through that invite auto subscribes you to update notifications, if you don't want that use this one.

  • Kick players or prevent them from joining servers/worlds if they don't accept the pack!
  • Display a custom message on the prompt screen for clients above 1.17 and use the required-pack functionality.
  • Set different server resourcepacks per world, server or whole BungeeCord/Velocity network
  • Match server/world names with regex!
  • Per-version packs! Send the correct pack depending on the client's version and kick player if he uses a version without an available pack (requires ViaVersion or ProtocolSupport when used on a Spigot server and not Bungee!)
  • Automatically exclude Geyser/Floodgate players
  • Automatically generates the sha1 hashes!
  • Set packs via WorldGuard flags (requires WorldGuard above version 6.1.3)
  • Override xray texture packs (e.g. with a pack like this, please note that this isn't 100% reliable and could be bypassed using mods)
  • Language system with messages depending on the locale of the client
  • Extended MineDown formatting support for click and hover messages
  • Configurable delay before sending the pack to a player
  • Inform the user which pack the server send them if it was done automatically
  • Let users select a pack themselves. The pack can be re-applied on each login and will be used for resets on servers that don't have the pack
  • Remembers which pack a user has currently applied and doesn't resend the same pack on server switch
  • Kick players from the server which don't accept the resourcepack or send them to a specific server (that way you can have two versions of the same server, one with resourcepacks and one without)
  • Execute commands based on whether or not the player accepted the pack
  • Send a message or title to the player when he accepts, loads, denies or fails to download the resourcepack
  • Load screen ESC bypass protection with a timeout
  • Stop the user from joining a certain server in your network if he didn't accepted an optional the resourcepack before
  • Different set of actions for when it is the first time a player joins your server
  • ResourcePackStatusEvent (for Bukkit use the PlayerResourcePackStatusEvent) for developers to react on the accepting or denying of a pack in their own plugins
  • Compatible with AuthMe Reloaded.
    Do you need it to be compatible with more plugins? Contact me!
  • PlaceholderAPI placeholders: %frp_pack%, %frp_storedpack%, %frp_pack_<pack>_online%, %frp_pack_<pack>_stored%
Important Notes

This plugin is currently compatible with BungeeCord above 1.8, Velocity version 1.1.0, Spigot above 1.8.8 and clients above 1.8. Velocity support is experimental so please report any issues!
I generally try to keep backwards compatibility but sometimes it's not possible and you might need to install an older plugin version in order for it to work. (e.g. Spigot 1.12.2 might need a plugin version below 1.7.22)
If you notice an error and believe that it should still work then please contact me and I'll see if I can fix it.

Please also note that the Vanilla Minecraft client only applies server resource packs that are smaller than 100 MiB! (50MiB before 1.15, 250MiB starting in 1.18)

Also clients before 1.17 cannot use certain new SSL certificates for URLs (like Let's Encrypt) as they shipped with an old Java version (Java 1.8.0_51, a bug report regarding that was filed with Mojang which was fixed with the 1.17 release with Java 16) so you'll have to either use a different certificate or a non encrypted download (not recommended!)

The server is not able to detect client resource packs so this plugin only works with server resource packs!

In order for this plugin to work it hooks into internal Bungee code, this might result in issues if there is a Bungee update which changes its internal structure. I will try to keep the plugin working as well as possible (I use it myself after all) but if you believe that something broke without a plugin update being available please contact me asap!
Similar issues might also arise if plugins change Bungee internals in unsupportable ways. Currently the only plugin known to cause this issue is SKungee. Unfortunately the only way around it (besides SKungee fixing the issue) would be to either uninstall SKungee or install Force Resourcepacks on the Spigot server instead of on the Bungee.




Main plugin setup command
Allows players to list packs and apply them
Reset the pack of a player.
See the documentation for all commands. All commands and functions also have permissions that are listed on the documentation page!


You can find the default configs for running the plugin on Bungee and Bukkit on gist!

They are slightly different, read this update note for information on how the Bukkit config differs from the Bungee one or just take a look at the default configs linked previously.

How to get the resource pack's sha1 file check sum via terminal/console:
Linux: sha1sum /path/to/
Windows: FCIV -sha1 path\to\
Mac OS: shasum /path/to/
(Please note that the path has to be on the local system, not the download url!)
(Plugin versions above 1.6.5 will try to generate the sha1 hashes automatically and include a /frp generatehashes command!)
About the client freeze

When a server resource pack is send to a client it will shortly freeze after the download is complete. (Same as manually applying a local pack) This happens because the client has to reload all resources, check which resources overlap and do some other calculation and manipulation with them. (Like stitching all the textures together to a single image like they were in the first texture pack format) It's not a download issue as the client will locally cache the pack files and not re-download them if their hash didn't change.

How long this takes generally depends on the PC's performance and the size of the textures (HD packs take longer) that are used in all resource packs that the player has applied. (So even if the server resource pack doesn't contain any HD textures or textures at all the client will still completely reload all locally applied resource packs) This is something that has to be fixed in the client by Mojang for example by only reloading resources that changed. There's not a lot I can do about that offer than advice people to put pressure on Mojang to improve that behaviour.

1.14 and 1.15 have some major improvements there so suggest players to use these over old versions if they have issues with your server resourcepack!

External Requests

This plugin makes certain web requests to external servers which might disclose some information about your machine, your game server and the plugin usage. You can opt out of all requests and none of those requests will download any executable data!
It submits metrics to as well as my own servers. You can opt-out by changing the config option disable-metrics in the plugin's config.yml or in the plugins/bStats/config.yml file!
It also includes an update checker to provide you with information regarding new versions in the console/log or if you have certain permissions, that checker can be disabled with the setting update-check.
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