MyItems [Premium] [1.7.x - 1.12.x] | - OFFICIAL BSMC RELEASE

 MyItems [Premium] [1.7.x - 1.12.x] | - OFFICIAL BSMC RELEASE 6.4.5

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MyItems [Premium] [1.7.x - 1.12.x] | - OFFICIAL BSMC RELEASE

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This plugin is one of many plugin item editors. But this plugin provides all needs to edit item is like NBT, Enchant, Lores,Metadata etc.

This plugin also has a feature to add custom LoreStats, Buff, Ability, and Power.

The best from this plugin is you make your Format type of the key lore. And this plugin also has feature Level that makes your item can level up.

Recommended For Server:
⭐ Magic World

Plugin Main Function:
⭐ Magic
⭐ Item Editor
⭐ Damage Modifier


➲ Auto Update-Buff [Premium] - Update buff when change equipment.
➲ Language File [Premium] - Edit message that will be displayed in the game.
➲ Special Power [Premium] - Add unique power to the item by click mouse.
▶️ Blink [Premium] - Teleport in directional view.
▶️ Fissure [Premium] - Shake the ground and summon lava burn.
▶️ Ice Spikes [Premium] - Summon ice pillar in horizontal view.
▶️ Amaterasu [Premium] - Burn enemy with dark flame.
▶️ Nero Beam [Premium] - Shoot beam that causing slow to enemy.
➲ Lore Stats - Add custom stats to the item based on key lore.
▶️ Damage [Weapon] - Add damage to weapon.
▶️ Penetrate [Weapon] [Premium] - Ignore enemy defense.
▶️ PvP Damage [Weapon] [Premium] - Bonus damage when attack Player.
▶️ PvE Damage [Weapon] [Premium] - Bonus damage when attack Non-Player.

▶️ Defense [Armor] - Add defense to armor.
▶️ Health [Armor] [Premium] - Add defense to armor.
▶️ PvP Armor [Armor] [Premium] - Bonus defense when attacked by Player.
▶️ PvE Defense [Armor] - [Premium] Bonus defense when attacked by Non-Player.

▶️ Critical Chance [Weapon] - Add chance to critical attack.
▶️ Critical Damage [Weapon] - Multiple damage when critical attack.
▶️ Block Amount [Armor] [Premium] - Percent damage that will be blocked.
▶️ Block Rate [Armor] [Premium] - Add chance to block attack.

▶️ Hit Rate [Weapon] [Premium] - Add chance to hit enemy.
▶️ Dodge Rate [Armor] [Premium] - Add chance to evade attack.
▶️ Durability [All] - Set durability of items.
▶️ Level [All] - Set level of items.
➲ Ability - Add passive effect to items.
▶️ Poison - Make victims poisoned.
▶️ Wither - Add wither effect to victims.
▶️ Lightning - Summon lightning to enemy that causing deal more damage
▶️ Vampirism - Drain health from victims.
▶️ no - Get food from victims.
▶️ Freeze - Summon ice pillar that causing enemy frozen.
▶️ Roots - Pull down enemy to the ground.
▶️ Curse - Prohibite victims to get healed.
▶️ Slow - Make victims slow.
▶️ Tired - Reduce speed attack of victims.
▶️ Confuse - Add nausea effect.
▶️ Weak - Reduce melee damage of victims.
▶️ Blind - Make victims blinded
▶️ Hungry - Reduce food level of victims.
▶️ Harm - Dealt additional damage to victims.
▶️ Flame Wheel - Add more damage and causing burn.
▶️ Air Shock - Pull down enemy and launch above.
▶️ Dark Flame - Burn enemy that cannot be extinguished by water.
▶️ Dark Impact [Premium] - Blind the victim and turn view of victim to backward.
▶️ Venom Spread - Spread poison to all enemy around victims.
▶️ Venom Blast [Premium] - Spread poison and causing explosion.
▶️ Bubble Deflector - Shoot bubble that causing slowness.
➲ Power Command - Run command when clicking the item.
➲ Power Shoot - Launch projectile when clicking the item.
➲ Buff - Add passive buff effect to items.
➲ NBT-Tag Items - Set NBT-Tag of items.
➲ Element [Premium] - Add element to items.
➲ Socket [Premium] - Input gems to items.

➲ Lores - Edit lore of items.
➲ Enchantment - Add and remove enchant very easy.
➲ Display Name - Change display name of items.
➲ Detail - Look all details metadata of items.
➲ Database - Store items that already made to the database.
➲ Damage Modifier - Modify damage in the server.
➲ Support JSON - Support all type JSON.
➲ Full Configuration - All option is allowed to change from the config file.
➲ Full Sound - Each action determined by sound.
➲ Full Effect - Every feature has a unique display.
➲ Full Tab Completer - If you don't know how to fill the command just click [Tab].

Mythic Mobs Drops:

Code (Text):
- myitems custom <name> [<amount>] [<chance>]
- myitems generator <generator> [<loop>] [<amount>] [<chance>]
- myitems gems <gems> [<grade>] [<amount>] [<chance>]

Code (Text):
- myitems custom arcane 1~2 0.5
- myitems generator flame_weapon 1~3 1 0.5
- myitems gems amethyst 1~5 1 0.5


➽ /Setname <name> - Set display name of held item.
➽ /Setlore <line> <lore> - Set lore at specific line.
➽ /Insertlore <line> <lore> - Insert lore without remove the previous lore.
➽ /Addlore <lore> - Add new lore on held item.
➽ /Clearlore - Remove all lore on held item.
➽ /Addenchant <grade> <enchantment> - Add enchant to held item.
➽ /Remenchant <enchantment> - Remove specific enchant from held item.
➽ /Addflag <flag> - Add flag to held item.
➽ /Remflag <flag> - Remove flag from held item.
➽ /Unbreakable - Set unbreakable state of held item.
➽ /Socket: [Premium]
➩ /Socket Add [<line>] - Add slot empty socket.
➩ /Socket Give <socket> [<grade> [<player>] [<amount>] - Give gems of socket to player.

➩ /Socket Drop <socket> <grade> <world> <x> <y> <z> [<amount>] - Drop socket at specific location.
➽ /Attributes:
➩ /Attributes stats <lorestats> <value> - Add lorestats to held item.
➩ /Attributes buff <buff> <grade> - Add buff to held item.
➩ /Attributes ability <ability> <grade> <percent> - Add ability to held item.
➩ /Attributes nbt <nbt> <slot> - Add nbt tag to held items.
➩ /Attributes element <element> <value> [Premium] - Add element to held item.
➩ /Attributes power:
⇰ /... power command - Run command when click.
⇰ /... power shoot - Launch projectile when click.
⇰ /... power special [Premium] - Cast special power when click.

➽ /Myitems:
➩ /Myitems help - Show help commands.
➩ /Myitems detail - Show all metadata of held item.
➩ /Myitems save <name> - Save item to database.
➩ /Myitems load <category> <name> [<player>] [<amount>] - Load item from database.
➩ /Myitems drop <category> <name> <world> <x> <y> <z> [<amount>] - Drop item at specific location
➩ /Myitems reload - Reload all configuration file.
➩ /Myitems simulation [Premium] - Show prediction damage when attack.

- "myitems.admin"

- /MyItems: [mi, item, items]
- /Attributes: [att, atr]


➯ Java 8
➯ Bukkit, Spigot, or Paperspigot [ 1.8.x | 1.9.x | 1.10.x | 1.11.x | 1.12.x ]


List server using this plugin:
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Thank you very much to all that give a donation for this plugin:

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♻️ New Special Power [45%]
♻️ New Ability [60%]
♻️ Socket Feature [40%]
♻️ Interactive Command [80%]


☑️ Command Random Value [By Dolostar]
☑️ Permission Nodes [By soonguun201]




By purchasing this plugin you have to commit with the following provisions:
  • You are not allowed to decompile this plugin
  • You are not allowed to share this plugin
  • You only allowed downloading this plugin from the official site
  • No refunds or chargebacks when you already have the plugin
  • Violator will be causing their server/network are banned from this plugin


# Tags: Lore, lores, custom lore, lore stats, NBT, NBT attributes, unbreakable, enchantment, item flags, database, damage, custom damage, vanilla, vanilla damage, mob damage, buffs, ability, tools and utility, system damage, custom stats, power

# Spigot: Praya Amadiga Pitasa
# Email: [email protected]
# FB:

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#Tell me your IP server in the review. I will add to list servers using this plugin

Latest updates

  1. 6.4.5

  2. AgarthaLib v2.17.1 || MyItems v6.4.4

    Project: - Add CHANGELOG - Add LICENSE - Change to maven - Remove update.yml
  3. 6.4


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