⭐ Advanced Clans ⭐ | Unlimited ranks, banks, logs, promotes, anti farm kills, chat and much more!

⭐ Advanced Clans ⭐ | Unlimited ranks, banks, logs, promotes, anti farm kills, chat and much more! 2023-01-22

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⭐ Advanced Clans ⭐ | Unlimited ranks, banks, logs, promotes, anti farm kills, chat and much more!
Legacy (< 1.13)Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16


AdvancedClans is a complex clan plugin that provides a lot of pvp to the minecraft servers. Its lightweight and has a lot of features that other clan plugins doesnt have, multiple GUIs, information of every clan and every player in the clan in a GUI, top kills/level, and it has been tested for about 6 months on servers with 100 players online to fix possible bugs.
The plugin can be used with MySQL or SQLite, and supports most of the spigot versions (1.8 - 1.9 - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - 1.14)

Why a premium resource?:
Because this is an exclusive plugin that has been made for my server and it was the "life" of it, all my players were fascinated with this system because of it originality and simplicity, and it took a lot of work for me.
Looking the feature list, you will see why also is premium.

  • Configurable 100%
  • MySQL & SQLite support (For multiple server at the same time, update incoming, not available yet!)
  • Suppor for multibase on each server (in case of MySQL)
  • Clan notifications system NEW
  • Support with MVDWPlaceholderAPI NEW
  • Customizable rank system (create as many ranks as you want) NEW
  • Clan prefixes system NEW
  • Data migrator (From Clan system to AdvancedClans)
  • PlaceholderAPI support (Full list below)
  • Offline players support (kick/promote/demote/etc)
  • Promote and demote system (Member/Coleader/Leader)
  • Prefix in the chat for every member of the clan (With Vault)
  • Alliance system with multiple (configurable) number of clans
  • Enemys system with multiple (configurable) number of clans
  • Declare neutral clans (Default all the clans are neutral)
  • Relational placeholders to change tab color of enemys/allies
  • Experience and level system for every clan
  • Clan base system (add/remove/teleport) with cooldown or not
  • Clan chest (No dupe bugs!) for every clan
  • Activate/Deactivate the pvp of the clan
  • Private clan chat for members in the clan
  • Private ally chat for all the clan members of the alliance
  • Support with action-bars and titles (All versions)
  • Action-bars on chat talk (ally and clan chat)
  • Admin commands to modify all clan values
  • Clan slots system per level
  • Anti farm kills with custom time and amount of kills
  • Clan names blacklist
  • Item blacklist for clan chest
  • Individual permission for every feature
  • Clan can change color of the prefix (unlock colors per level)
  • Separated prefixes per leader, coleader and member
  • List of all clans in GUI (With information)
  • Information of every clan in GUI (kills/deaths/exp/level/kdr/slots)
  • Information of every player in clan (kills/deaths/kdr/rank)
  • Top clan in gui (level & kills)
  • Leaderheads support (player kills & clan kills)
  • Async clan save task (time configurable & modified clans only)
  • Limit the maximum level of clans
  • Clan name length configurable
  • Disable the commands in certain worlds
  • Blacklist world for clan bases
  • Clan help command with 2 pages (Clickable message)
  • Tab complete commands (To breakallys or declare enemys)
  • Disband clan with double confirmation for the leader
  • All skulls have the skin of the owner of the clan
  • Top killers in every clan
  • Clan bank system (deposit/withdraw/balance)
  • Clan logs system (Transaction logs)
  • Developer API


▸ Massive permissions:
  • clans.user (Allows to use all clan commands for users)
  • clans.admin (Allows to use all admin commands)
▸ Command permissions:
  • clans.ally
  • clans.bank
  • clans.base
  • clans.breakally
  • clans.chat
  • clans.chest
  • clans.color
  • clans.create
  • clans.delbase
  • clans.demote
  • clans.disband
  • clans.enemy
  • clans.help
  • clans.info
  • clans.invite
  • clans.join
  • clans.kick
  • clans.leave
  • clans.list
  • clans.neutral
  • clans.pinfo
  • clans.promote
  • clans.pvp
  • clans.reload
  • clans.setbase
  • clans.setleader
  • clans.tops
▸ Clan ranks permissions
  • ALL (All permissions)
  • ALLY (Send request allies)
  • BREAKALLY (Break allies)
  • NEUTRAL (Declare a neutral clan)
  • ENEMY (Declare a enemy clan)
  • BANK_LOGS (View bank logs)
  • BANK_DEPOSIT (Make deposits)
  • BANK_WITHDRAW (Make withdraws)
  • BANK_BALANCE (View clan balance)
  • SETBASE (Set clan base)
  • DELBASE (Delete the clan base)
  • BASE (Go to the clan base)
  • CHEST (Open the clan chest)
  • COLORS (Change clan color)
  • KICK (Kick other members)
  • INVITE (Invite new players)
  • PREFIX (Change clan prefix)
  • PROMOTE (Promote a player)
  • DEMOTE (Demote a player)
  • CHAT (Toggle the clan chat)
  • PVP (Toggle the pvp of the clan)

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